3 days down, 27 to go. NaPodPoMo Update

We are coming up to the end of day 3 here Down Under for NaPodPoMo.

I am doing my NaPodPoMo show “Echo Romeo Kilo One One” where I talk a bit, dispel a train myth (I am a train driver here in Sydney) and talk to a different person each day. So far, I have talked to my 3 buddies that are producing podcasts for the first time. They are producing the shows, doing show notes and uploading them and I am putting them on my website. Overall, I am happy with my show so far. I am finding it a challenge to keep my show around 20 minutes (my stated minimum is 11 minutes). Because as anyone who has listened to my podcast Erk Pod (and especially the live Round Tables) would know, I can talk on a microphone for a long time with my guests!

Other shows in what has been called the Erk Pod Podcast Commando Team are going very well too. Drue is my co-host and he has been producing his show “Da Novemba Advencha”. He came close to not producing an episode today because of an unplanned change to his work schedule and minimal sleep but he did it. Drue and his co-host Ben the Podcast Trader have a raw edge to their shows, especially if you don’t know them personally. They’ve come a long way in the last couple of days considering they were the last of the 4 shows to have a name and a structure. They are also the only show out of the 4 to play some music. Chosen by Ben, all of the music so far has been from Australian artists.

Orange Tim has been totally the opposite to his appearances on Erk Pod, not that there is anything wrong with that. His podcasts “Despatches from Agent Orange” have been very educational and informative about a range of topics with a historical slant. He is experiencing the joys of editing, especially considering his title of “Professional Podcast Guest”.

And finally but not least, Squeak is producing “A Podcast for November”. His show is a mixture of information and wacky news and he has put a lot of effort into his production, just like the rest of us. As the days go on, Squeak is starting to feel more comfortable but has found that it isn’t easy doing a show on your own.


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