Despatches From Agent Orange – Despatch #3. Show Notes

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Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch #3. 21 minutes

WARNING – This episode may contain adult themes and language. Listener discretion is advised.

Agent Orange goes solo for this mission, but the topic is one enjoys a lot!

In this despatch I take my love of Scotch Whisky to a different level and explore the history and the ins and outs of Scotch Whisky. Daughter Ver 2.0 aka Banshee makes her debut on a podcast. Not bad for 2 months old! A Promo and Shout Outs!


Twitter: @orangetim

Web: HERE!

Special Thanks as always to the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team, The SLO ones, Shawno & Jen and Mr Richard “I’m on vacation now” Jefferies

Yours in Orange,

Orange Tim



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4 responses to “Despatches From Agent Orange – Despatch #3. Show Notes

  1. Erk

    I listened to this on the way to work, at work and while at the RTA getting my new licence. It was lucky I didn’t have a drink everything you said “Scotch Whisky” but I am enjoying your shows, OT. It’s very different to your Erk Pod personality but that’s ok.

    And my god, Daughter V2.0 was VERY loud! Having said that, I think we did hear her (not as loud, though) at the end of Erk Pod 146 during the re-launch.

  2. Orange Tim

    I had to say Scotch Whisky, because there is more than one Whisky in the world! :)

    You reckon “Banshee” was loud in this despatch. What until she starts up in the same room as I’m recording! Yes, you did hear her in the backgound of EP146.

    I’m a Gemini star sign, so apparently I have many different personalities. Hehehe

  3. All I know about whiskey is Jack Daniels. That is, before I listened to this highly infotaining podcast. Thanks for the education, Tim.

  4. Great show! Can’t go wrong with a show about alcohol. :)

    The Banshee has quite the set of lungs on her. Such a voice! Watch out, or that kid will grow up and become a podcaster.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Oh, and I’m a Gemini too, by the way.

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