Da Novemba Advencha – Episode 4. Show Notes

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Da Novemba Advencha – episode 4. 40 minutes

WARNING – This episode may contain adult themes and language. Listener discretion is advised.

In today’s super long episode compared to yesterday’s:

  • Ben won coin at the Melbourne Cup but he doesn’t know the name of the horse
  • Drue wants you to forget about yesterday’s episode. Ben didn’t even listen to it.
  • What did Drue, Ben & Erk do at Westiefield on Sunday after recording episode 2 of DNA?
  • What did Ben do at work considering we didn’t hear a report on Monday?
  • Melbourne Cup office fun at Ben’s work
  • Drue’s rant regarding work last night
  • Drue’s night of Caffeine – he had V for the first time
  • Erk told Ben to talk more
  • Drue likes to think of us as the Erk Pod family rather than the Commando team
  • Email from Jim
  • Email from Pat
  • Why Drue left Newcastle and IT and came to Sydney to work on the railway
  • Ben’s introduction
  • Celebrity hairdressing to the stars
  • Website comments from Jen, Orange Tim, Erk, Shawno, Jacob
  • Promo: Hyper Nonsense
  • Ben reviews the US version of Kath & Kim which turns into a wider TV discussion
  • How Ben got his Twitter name
  • What are we having for dinner?
  • Music: This Lie by Cardboard Castle on the Podsafe Music Network


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9 responses to “Da Novemba Advencha – Episode 4. Show Notes

  1. Orange Tim

    Seriously funny show guys. Pissed myself laughing a number of times. See what happens when you speak into the microphone Ben? LOL!

    Erk Pod Family? Maybe a podcasting Mafia Family! LOL!

    I know who Tara Moss is Ben. She appears to be a very laid back kind of person. Her books are pretty good too! Hairdressing does pay shit, bit like nursing. But you know that hairdressing is on the Dept of Immigration’s list of essential trades. So basically if you’re an overseas hairdresser and you we want to immigrate to Australia, we want you! LOL!

    Keep up the tops podcasts guys. I know it’s hard trying to find the time to record them, I just have trouble getting the house quiet enough to record podcasts!

  2. If ya ever make a promo the Mmoooooooouther fucker, has to be on it :D
    great episode guys

  3. Erk

    Hey Tim, do you think we can teach Jen how to cut hair? We know that Shawno already knows how so who knows?

    I enjoyed the episode guys but I know for sure that I’m not Ben’s father! :P

    And Tara Moss is rather hot. Just saying ;)

  4. Jim

    I have to stop saying/writing “off of the ’80s”. You can blame a DJ over here for that!

    Loving your work, boys. :D

  5. Really enjoying the shows.

    If you’re looking for Aussie rock bands check out The Scissor File and Sugar Army. I’ve played both of them on my own show and I think you’d like them.

  6. Thanks for playing the promo, guys. Congratulations to Ben on the horsey race winnings.

  7. At the start of this show, the two of you sound so domestic! Talking about what you bought for your home, and how the dryer is eating stuff… and the want of a new sewing machine. Y’all are way better than Martha Stewart. :)

    Congrats, Ben, on winning money on the horse race.

    Love the work rants from both Drue and Ben.

    Thanks for playing our Hyper Nonsense promo, and reading off the comments I wrote. That was so nice of you.

    Ben, are you listening to The Dark Compass Metal Show? It’s awesome, and I highly recommend it.
    http://www.darkcompass.com/metal/index.html Check it out sometime, maybe after NaPodPoMo is all done with.

    So much of today’s show made me laugh. Great show, guys! Can’t wait to hear more.

  8. Erk

    It’s been nearly a week since Ben won his coin. What did he spend his winners on? And does he know the name of the horse yet? :P

  9. Erk

    Oh I forgot to say that Jen’s right. Ben will love the Dark Compass Metal Show!

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