Despatches from Agent Orange – Episode 4. Show Notes

Despatches from Agent Orange – episode 4. 28 minutes

Agent Orange is staying hunkered down in his bunker for this mission, because he’ll be watching The Race That Stops The Nation! The despatch looks at what The Melbourne Cup is all about, a brief history and trivia tid bits, Banshee screams her way onto another podcast, Princess gives an indepth interview, the usual shout outs, a couple of promos and Agent Orange tries his hand at race calling and post race commentary!

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Special Thanks to the Erk Pod Podcasting Coammando Team, Shawn & Jen and Richard Jefferies

Thanks for downloading and thanks for listening!

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Orange Tim



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4 responses to “Despatches from Agent Orange – Episode 4. Show Notes

  1. Erk

    Considering that your day job isn’t sports commentary (or podcasting, for that matter!), you’ve done well here, mate! It really reflected what the day is to Aussies.

    “It looks like the winning horse has won” – you’ll be Erk Pod’s Murray Walker after that one! Having said that, it isn’t easy stringing words together at a live event such as this, especially if you haven’t done it before! ;)

  2. Jim

    So, it seems all my Melbourne Cup knowledge until today was gathered from Aussie soaps back in the ’80s. I now consider myself educated. Cheers.

    Thank Banshee for her efforts. It’s appreciated! ;)

    Also, Princess sounds a sweetie, too.

  3. Bet nobody’ll ever accuse the winning horse of having a big nose.

  4. So that’s what a Melbourne Cup is all about. You did a great job, Tim, announcing the race on the fly like that. It was so cute to hear “Princess” give her commentary at the end, and “Banshee” screaming in the beginning. So little, she sounds like a kitty cat still. Awww! :)

    Thanks for the shout out for our podcasts. “The Slow Ones?” Hahahaha! Yeah, today, I’m feeling that one.
    Great Show!

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