Echo Romeo Kilo One One – Episode 4. Show Notes

Echo Romeo Kilo One One episode 4 – 23 minutes

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Welcome to episode 4 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One. Today is horse racing’s day of days, the Melbourne Cup. This 3200 metre race is held on the first Tuesday in November each year.

Today’s guest is Shelle who is an old mate of Erk’s. She shares her experience of being at the Melbourne Cup in the security and first aid fields, gives us a weather report and a lot more.

We then talk briefly about the other race that is on for Tuesday 4 November, the US Presidential race. But because we are Australian, we don’t have any news yet because it is late Monday night in the US.

Today’s busted train myth is “trains don’t have steering wheels.”



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3 responses to “Echo Romeo Kilo One One – Episode 4. Show Notes

  1. Jim

    This was the perfect length for my drive to work this AM work, as the traffic was back (11 mins for me without traffic). Interesting stuff.

    Shelle’s comments regarding drunken ladies at the Melbourne Cup made me giggle – reminded me of lots of fun days at York Races (seems I have a photo for every occasion at the mo:

    I want trains to have steering wheels. I know it makes no sense, but the big kid in me wants a steering wheel! :)

  2. They should put those big old-fashioned rudder wheels, like they had on pirate ships, on trains. That’d rule.

  3. When I listened to this show today I learned: Horses and Fireworks are a bad combination… and
    Alcohol and high heels are a bad combination as well! Really funny show today.

    And, as far as I have seen, you can’t get firearms at K-Mart! Everyone over here knows that you have to go to Wal-Mart for that. Silly Australians! ;)

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