Day 5 update – NaPodPoMo

Today’s day 5 of NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month). While Drue has had a couple of close calls, we have managed to all complete 5 episodes each day each person so far. And on this website, we have had over 100 page views per day every day in November which is cool too. I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting us so far during the month.

On today’s lot of episodes, Drue had a rant about his hard drive FAIL, Squeak had a marathon show, Orange Tim took us to war and Erk had a chat with an American guy called Tee Morris who told us about some election going on LOL. Tee couldn’t believe that Erk can vote without ID, Orange Tim couldn’t believe the response he has had & Drue probably couldn’t believe that he needed to have his finger over the BAH-BOW button as much as he did.

Look forward to more podcasting tomorrow! ;)


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