Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 5. Show Notes

Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 5. 27 minutes

Welcome to episode 5 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One. In this episode I thought that I would speak to an American as the counting in the US elections continues and what better American to talk to than author and podcaster Tee Morris.

This is the most political that you will hear Tee as we compare the Australian and US voting systems and find out about the process involved where Tee voted. You can see pictures and read more at DING! including his post which inspired today’s episode here.

And Tee has a bell now, folks!  DING! Erk was going to get one the other day but forgot.

We also get an update about the counting and how it is progressing.

In today’s train myth, Tee asks Erk if it is possible to derail a train using a coin. To Erk’s knowledge, that has not happened and this page from interweb myth busters Snopes seems to back that up. But if I am proven wrong, I’ll be happy to fess up. But please DO NOT place ANYTHING on the train tracks!



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2 responses to “Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 5. Show Notes

  1. Whilst in training we tried the coin trick several times with a 20cent peice and needless to say the trains stayed on the track and the coin well it was no longer a coin!

    Squeak! :)

  2. Pat

    Hehe, nice! Really liked this ep’s train myth.

    Liking how everybody’s nannapoopoo podcast is diverse – erk11 is fast becoming the “Parkinson/Enough rope” of the erkpod podcast family . Nice one!


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