Erk Pod episode 155 – Bar Camp Sydney Preview

Erk Pod episode 155 – 29 minutes

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Welcome to episode 155 of Erk Pod recorded while mobile in the Erk Pod Forester. On this episode, Erk speaks with Ajay Ranipeta (@funkycoda on Twitter) about social networking, podcasting, Twitter and Bar Camp Sydney. During this episode, we talk about what Bar Camp is and what to expect, why was Erk asked to spread the word and a lot more in Sydney and elsewhere.

During the discussion we also talk about the Federal Government’s plans for interweb censorship here in Australia. This will no doubt be a hot topic at Bar Camp. To learn more about this, click here (thanks Drue for the link) for more information about this issue.

At Bar Camp, there are no agendas and no spectators and based on the people that Erk knows via Twitter in social networking and the like, it will be an interesting weekend for sure! First in, best dressed!

Bar Camp Sydney is being held on Saturday 15 November 2008 at 9am (registrations at 8.30am) at the UNSW Roundhouse.

[Bar Camp Sydney website]

[Bar Camp Sydney wiki]

[Ajay’s business site]



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2 responses to “Erk Pod episode 155 – Bar Camp Sydney Preview

  1. lolz, thx mate. it was fun!! :)

  2. I always wondered where the term “barcamp” came from. Now I know.

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