NaPodPoMo update, end of day 4

It is now the end of day 4 of NaPodPoMo and I’m pleased to say that the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team (according to Orange Tim) or the Erk Pod family (according to Drue) are doing very well and that they are putting a lot of effort and thought into their shows.

Seeing as though Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day, Erk & Orange Tim thought separately to devote a lot of their show on “the race that stops the nation”. Erk spoke to an old friend who has worked at the race track on the day in question and you won’t believe some of the shenanigans that people get up to at the track. While at the secret Agent Orange bunker, Orange Tim couldn’t believe the result of the race.

Ben the Podcast Trader won some coin at his work as a part of the office sweep and Drue thought that Ben should at least know the name of the horse that won him the coin. After a short show the previous day, the boys certainly made up for it with their stories about work, shopping on Sunday and not bumping into Erk at Westiefield. And Drue had V for the first time and lived to tell the tale!

Meanwhile at Squeak Studios, Squeak is on the lookout for a new newsreader and/or voice over guy. Squeak is sick of Squeak and is looking to you for suggestions. Or do you like Squeak at the newsdesk? Squeak saved Erk some editing time while presenting the “Voice Over Guy Off” held during Erk Pod Round Table 10. And who would have thought that Squeak doesn’t like Macs? :P

So what will happen tomorrow?

  • Obama or “The Other Guy”?
  • Squeak, Squeak or someone else?
  • Will Ben question Drue’s intro tomorrow?
  • Will you hear Orange Tim’s Daughter v2.0 tomorrow?
  • Who will Erk speak with tomorrow?

Tune in tomorrow for all of the shows from the Erk Pod crew. Feel free to email the shows or leave comments. The comments and feedback has been great!


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