A Podcast For November (AP4N) – episode 6. Show Notes

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A Podcast for November – episode 6. 15 minutes

Today’s Episode, Episode 6 Of AP4N contains the following hot topics and not to be missed content!

Promo – Shawno and Jen from the Hyper Nonsense Podcast

We check our P4N Inbox which is empty not even spam.

The Wacky News stories today are

  • Airline Corpse trouble over loss
  • Killer wife may inherit fortune
  • Heroic effort to make his name

News introduction Perosn promotion continues!

Today’s Story/Rant-


What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices.

The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online.

Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

For more info go to http://www.geocaching.com

With over 600,000 Geocaches there is bound to be one near you!!


Shout out to everyone!

Email – podcastfornovember@gmail.com
Twitter – @squeakaz



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3 responses to “A Podcast For November (AP4N) – episode 6. Show Notes

  1. Thanks for playing the promo, Squeak. And I’ve been curious about geocaching. I have a GPS unit, but I haven’t used it for anything in years.

  2. Erk

    Shawno, sometime after Nannapoopoo I want to get Squeak and BJ on to talk about it. Maybe we can go out and do it one time, Squeak?

  3. Thanks for playing our promo, Squeak!
    I found it amusing when your newscaster, Squeak, walked out on your host, Squeak. lol!

    The news story about the kid changing his name to sound like a comic book hero is hysterical. Can just imagine how many problems he is going to face when he tries to get a new driver’s license, or, in the future, a marriage license.

    Geocaching sounds like fun.

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