Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch #6. Show Notes

Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch #6. 27 minutes
This episode contains mature language. Listener discretion is advised.

In this despatch Agent Orange talks briefly and I do mean briefly about the US Presidential election. Then the Agent Orange Team leave Agent Orange HQ and head for the City of Sydney CBD. A few rants just popped in there somehow, :) Usual shout outs!


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Special Thanks to the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Family. ;)

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All the listeners who just ROCK!

Yours in Orange

Orange Tim



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5 responses to “Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch #6. Show Notes

  1. Erk

    Interesting story about your US adventure without leaving Sydney, Tim! ;)

    My understanding of a donkey vote is someone that votes for the candidates on the paper in the order that they appear from top to bottom. This is different to an informal vote which is as you describe when someone incorrectly votes, leaves the page blank etc etc.

  2. shelle

    Sounds like the Agent Orange Sydney adventure was a nightmare – poor Tim and agent orange clan.

  3. Too bad about the barf, Tim. I did find your story of dealing with the Consulate interesting.

  4. Erk

    Timbo, did you put in a good word for our American friends? ;)

  5. Very interesting show, Tim! Nice to see a glimpse of what it’s like to deal with all of that governmental stuff, ya know… in case I ever do decide to emigrate or something like that. ;)

    Sorry to hear about the barf, and the parking rate rape. Both are bad times.

    Thanks for the shout-outs. That bit will likely end up on one of my shows, eventually.

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