Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 6. Show Notes

Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 6. 28 minutes

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Welcome to episode 6 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One.

On today’s show:

  • Special guest BJ the Research Guy live on location
  • Erk has a communications and rostering rant
  • Today’s train myth about powering and braking
  • Feedback from our listeners and giving BJ a rundown at the same time. BJ adds his opinions to those already expressed.



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4 responses to “Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 6. Show Notes

  1. shelle

    As I told you elsewhere, I don’t like to “sit up” or “stand down” either mate *mischevious grin*

  2. Orange Tim

    Good to hear BJ on a podcast again complete with bells and horns! LOL!

    Oh and thanks BJ for the wrap. Much appreciated. :)

    Going well Erkster with your train mythbusting specials! ;)

  3. Good to hear the Research Guy again! If you put a gold brick on the track, would that derail a train?

  4. Great interview with The Research Guy today, Erk. Complete with sound effects. Nice!
    Thanks for reading off the comments I sent in. And yeah, expect that audio to appear in one of my shows at some point. Perhaps it’s a bit self centered of me to put people talking about me on other podcasts into my own show, but, hey… at least that way you know for certain that I did, in fact, listen to your shows, right? ;)

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