A Podcast for November (AP4N) – episode 7

A Podcast for November – episode 7.

Today’s Episode, Episode 7 of AP4N is of a nice nature with your family friendly host Squeak!

Promo – Ben the Podcast Trader

We check our P4N Inbox.

The Wacky News stories today are

  • No nude voting please!
  • Too drunk to drive am I?
  • Doing the rounds!

News introduction Person promotion continues!


Today’s Story/Rant-

A week in review.

We review the last 6 days of A Podcast For November, and remember the times that were.

Episode 1 – 100% Vegan Festival

Episode 2 – Triple zero end emergency service dispatch

Episode 3 – Interview with volunteer firefighter Damien from the NSW Rural Fire Service

Episode 4 – Apple/Mac Rant – oh how I love to hate them

Episode 5 – Dedicated to the Month of November

Episode 6 – Geocaching – Hunting little boxes located all over the place – http://www.geocaching.com

Episode 7 – A Tribute to all the above

Who am I Trivia –
I am a British comedian
I am Famous for my crazy hairstyle an controversial jokes
I have reportedly just been cast in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Shout out to everyone!

Email – podcastfornovember@gmail.com
Twitter – @squeakaz



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4 responses to “A Podcast for November (AP4N) – episode 7

  1. great show, Loved the news on the guy driving to police to see if he was too drunk. Classic

  2. I guessed Russel Brand (sp?) before I heard the next episode. So, I was right. I just didn’t get the hear the episode in time.

  3. Erk

    The flashback was interesting after a week, Squeak!

  4. I don’t know where you are finding these news stories, Squeak, but they are hysterically funny! :)

    Wait.. they are making a Pirates of the Caribbean 4? *does a happy dance*

    Great flashback piece in this show.

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