Since Round Table 10, I’ve been looking for a bell for the Ding-o-meter for Erk Pod. Today I went to Westiefield on a mission.

I went into a couple of novelty shops and had to translate into something they’d understand – DING DING. One woman said that they used to sell them but they are out of stock.

Then halfway through my mission I saw Xmas decorations and then I thought “think of the bell as a Santa Bell” and I should be able to find one easier. After discounting bells that should be on Xmas trees or those bells in shops that people put on empty counters, I went to Big W and found the bell in the picture.

So I tried it to listen to the sound but there was no sound! Shake shake shake! Nothing! It would be great on video but not an audio podcast as I discovered that this Santa Bell had no donger to make the noise! And as luck would have it, that was the last one! So I am going to a Xmas decoration warehouse tomorrow morning after work to see if I can get one.

I did think of the unattended counter type bell but I want to be able to hold it in front of the mic.


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