Depatches from Agent Orange – Despatch 7. Show Notes

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Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch 7. 20 minutes.

“Hallo! My name’s Inga, and I’m from Sweden! This is my brother Lars. We drive Volvos!” Errrr, sorry about that. Don’t know where they came from, however, Agent Orange also drives “A Bloody Volvo” and he’s right bloody proud of it too! In this podcast I look at Volvo, it’s history, motor racing, safety innovations and what makes it what it is today.

Agent Orange would like to take this opportunity to say a big “G’Day!” to his Swedish “sisters” Mia and Daniella from Stockholm. They’re very proud of Agent Orange’s Volvo, just like he is. :)

Special thanks to Robin, Princess, Banshee and MIL.

Thanks to the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Family.

Richard Jefferies –

Shawno & Jen –

Thanks to all my awesome listeners! Drive On! Or Rock On if you can’t drive! ;)

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Yours in Orange,

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3 responses to “Depatches from Agent Orange – Despatch 7. Show Notes

  1. Volvos are cool with me, Tim!

  2. What do I think of when I think of Sweden? I think of my grandmother, who did a really funny imitation of her mother in law, who was Swedish, and spoke with a thick Swedish accent.

    I also think of “The Swedish Chef” from the Muppet Show.


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