Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch #8. Show Notes

Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch #8. 26 minutes

Does Orange Tim drop an F bomb? Just in case, you’ve been warned!

“Come ‘n listen to a story about a man named Jed, a poor mountaineer, barely kept his family feed. Then one day he was shootin’ at some food and up from the ground came a bubblin’ crude! Oil that is! Black Gold! Texas Tea!”

Today I look at oil! Crude oil to be precise, along petrol, diesel, taxes, excise, pump prices, resources, revenue and a whole lot more! This was a very challenging topic to cover and probably deserves a longer podcast, however there is just so much information, and a fair bit of spin too, out there. Enjoy! I hope you find it informative!

Special thanks to the Agent Orange Family.

Special thanks to the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team.

Thanks to all my way cool listeners! I know you’re out there, so please Email me! Please! :)


Twitter: @orangetim


This podcast does not endorse any oil company or any particular petrol or diesel fuel. Nor does it represent any government or official associations or unions. All information for this podcast was gathered from official websites and news articles freely accessible to the public on the internet. Listeners are free to form their own opinions! :)

Yours in Orange,

Orange Tim


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One response to “Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch #8. Show Notes

  1. Sounds like the “Podcast Gods” were somewhat against you when you set out to record this episode. Nice to hear that you have eventually won their favor.

    I can relate! Last night, when I was recording my “show” for Nov 19, (the “And So It Goes” song), I first got interrupted by Vanya, who wanted to tell me the news. I turned her volume down, and started again, only to get interrupted by the train outside. It might have been more than one train, from the sound of it. I waited that out, and started again, only to have the heat come on, and obliterate my ability to record. Had to wait that out to finish the recording.

    In other words, good for you, for not giving up, despite the obstacles in your way.

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