Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 7. Show Notes

Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 7. 32 minutes

In this episode after being described as the Erk Pod version of Parkinson or Enough Rope, Erk talks with Ben the Podcast Trader (left) about hairdressing. Today’s train myth deals with air conditioning.

Drue is on the buttons today for the first Echo Romeo Kilo episode recorded in the Erk Pod Studio.



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4 responses to “Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 7. Show Notes

  1. Good interview, both Erk and Ben. I was wondering how Ben got the “Podcast Trader” name. That’s pretty funny.

    When Jen gets the “Meg Ryan” cut, it’ll probably last about one day, as she’s not one for taking time with hair maintenance. That’s why I voted for her to keep her hair as-is.

  2. Your right, my hair never looks the same the day after getting styled or cut. You mentioned Panteen, what would you suggest for thick normal hair?

    Great show

  3. Erk

    Thanks, Shawno & Richard!

    Richard, I’ll ask Ben about it and see what he says.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode. :)

    No, I have not cut my hair yet. I need a few days off that aren’t as chaotic as all my days off have been since… forever, if I’m gonna take the time to get my hair cut. And no, I’m not one for using a lot of styling products, either, that is true. But, the Meg Ryan cut is way shorter than I have ever had my hair before, so, perhaps the extra time it takes to style it won’t be so noticeable, since it should take less time to wash it. I dunno. Going to have to wait and see. If I end up hating it, it will grow back, after all. It’s just hair.

    Ben, I didn’t know you worked in Retail Hell too! You feel my pain.

    Erk, I would have guessed that the train drivers could control the air conditioning in the trains. Not so after all. Interesting.

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