NaPodPoMo day 8 summary

Today saw day 8 of NaPodPoMo aka Nannapoopoo. Erk & Drue were trying to adjust from afternoon to morning shifts while Ben was dealing with his head after going to a foam party last night. Squeak brought his announcer guy back while Orange Tim told us all about oil and petrol.

Erk went outside again to Westiefield and attracted the interest of The Law while talking to Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Drue had Subway FAIL while Erk welcomes Ben to his world about not getting quick service for not being hot. Squeak tells us about Anastacia and Vanya Bunny and Orange Tim gets his calculator out.

Hopefully Erk & Drue will be a bit more awake tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to record Erk Pod 156 (AGAIN!) tomorrow in addition to our other shows.

And how many times will I type NaPodPodMo this month instead of NaPodPoMo? No wonder I type Nannapoopoo!


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