NaPodPoMo Update, day 7

Day 7 turned out to be a long day of podcasting and editing for some of us as we all completed day 7 and therefore week one of NaPodPoMo.

Erk recorded episode 7 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One with Ben the Podcast Trader as a guest and Drue on the buttons. Ben and Drue recorded episode 7 of Da Novemba Advencha. In addition, Erk & Drue recorded episode 156 of Erk Pod only to have massive FAIL. Meanwhile, Squeak and Orange Tim also produced their episodes.

Erk figuratively sat down in Ben’s salon & Orange Tim figureatively sat down in his Volvo which is hopefully not still smelling of vomit. Squeak climbs aboard his time machine and looks back at week one while Ben looks forward to going out while Drue sleeps.

WOO HOO! We have now finished a week of NaPodPoMo! Stay tuned for day 8!


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