A Podcast for November (AP4N) – episode 9. Show Notes

A Podcast For November – episode 9.

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Today’s Episode, Episode 9 Of AP4N is a fun filled edition of who knows what else plus more!!!

Promo – BJ the Research Guy

The Wacky News stories today are –

* Too Much information on screen
* A terminal case of confusion
* End of a cock and bully story

We had No entries into our news introduction guy contest so far, so the normal guy has returned for now with a pay rise and better conditions I think!

We check our P4N Inbox. Woo hoo we got an email. Thanks to Jen from the Hypernonsense Podcast http://www.hypernonsense.com


Today’s Story/Rant-

Squeak and Mrs Squeak visit IKEA and Rouse Hill Town Centre.

IKEA is located in Sydney’s north west Near Sydney’s Olympic Park where the 2000 Olympic Games were held.
At IKEA we made several unplanned purchase which always tends to happen especially at IKEA

Rouse Hill Town Centre is Located further out west and is an outdoor/indoor shopping centre while is eco friendly in several ways. The Car Park has a “Car Park assist” system. You can tell the available parking spots by looking at the signs with numbers counting down of available spots and to find the spots available follow the arrows. Each Space has a Green light when the spot in available and once the spot is taken the light turns red.

Who am I Trivia –

Episode 8 answer – Daniel Craig

Episode 9
Who am I?
I am one of Australia’s most influential chef’s
I have managed restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne
and written three recipe books. I host

Shout outs to everyone!

Closing Voice  – Jen from Hyper Nonsense

Email – podcastfornovember@gmail.com
Twitter – @squeakaz

Above – Sign showing number of spaces available on certain levels

Above – The Squeak Mobile is parked in a spot and there is a red light above the spot indicating it is taken

Above – Green light above space indicates space is available

Above – sign with arrow showing spaces available to the right

Above – Outside sign showing available spaces



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2 responses to “A Podcast for November (AP4N) – episode 9. Show Notes

  1. How good is the Car Park at the Rouse Hill Town Centre, I love it!! I have been there a few times and remember going there once when it ‘just’ opened to test out the censors hahaha!

    n00b I know!

  2. Ikea. Haven’t been there in a long time. Nice to hear Jen at the end of the show.

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