A Podcast For November (AP4N) – episode 10. Show Notes

A Podcast for November – episode 10.

Today’s Episode, Episode 10 Of AP4N is a podcast not to be missed even for the apocalypse!!!

Promo – Inside My head Podcast – http://jen.phantompower.org

We check our P4N Inbox.

News introduction done by Grizzly from Grizzly Growls Podcast

The Wacky News stories today are

  • R-rated Little House on the Prairie
  • No Homicides here says Miami!
  • Women, 89, foils shooting by grabbing ammo


Today’s Story/Rant-

Squeak is now at Blue depot and explains what Blue depot is along with what is involved with transferring from on depot to another. Including Wash driver, shed driver, different types of trains to drive.

Squeak also took a trip to Bunnings warehouse and was amazed by the giant fans that were creating a bit of a draft!

Who am I Trivia –

Episode 9 answer – Neil Perry

Episode 10
Who am I?
I was born in 1966 in Coatzacoalcos Mexico, and decided to be an actress when I was five.
I have starred alongside Antonio Banderas in The Desperado trilogy and America Ferrera in Ugly Betty. I am married to French billionaire François-Henri Pinault and have a one year old baby girl.

Shout outs to:

Jen from hypernonsense and Inside my head

Grizzly from Grizzly Growls Podcast

Erk from Erkpod and Echo Romeo Kilo One One

Orangetim from Dispatches of Agent orange

Drue from Erkpod and Da Novemba Advencha

Richard Jefferies from the Wasting time Podcast

And anyone else who I have forgotten :)


Email – podcastfornovember@gmail.com
Twitter – @squeakaz

Above – Large fan at Bunnings

Above – An example of a Blue Depot target plate.

Above – Erk’s first train of the day. You can see the target plate on the front (this end) and back of the train.



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2 responses to “A Podcast For November (AP4N) – episode 10. Show Notes

  1. BJ

    A squeaky podcast… very good mate. I’m worried about your alter-ego. Is that the other side of you that really secretly wants to own a Mac, or at least have a play with one for a week or two to see what all the fuss is about…? Rainbow depot hasn’t been the same since you left – i’m doing that famous 163 job in a couple of days and I am still clueless about that shortcut you tried to explain but i’ll work it out. Hope you’re enjoying Blue Depot. Your podcasts are great. Love the way you introduce the news and stuff… hehehe… sorry for the delay in getting around to leaving a comment – i was waaaay behind but having a catchup day today. Take it easy mate and see you soon. BJ the Research Guy.

  2. Thanks for playing Jen’s promo, Squeak. Good to hear both her and Grizz on your show.

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