Da Novemba Advencha – episode 10. Show Notes

Da Novemba Advencha – episode 10

Usual language disclaimer goes *here*, Erk thinks you should know that already :P

Drue and Ben reach into the computer and grab their listener feedback and provide commentary.



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4 responses to “Da Novemba Advencha – episode 10. Show Notes

  1. BJ

    Ben and Druey… you guys ROCK!!! This is a bit late… yeah… I’ve been doing a lot of catching up today. I love your style. I agree with Ben most of the time — yeah Drue, stop saying “G’day and welcome to episode X of blah blah…” – it’s soooo cliche. Ben – you are a great podcaster, it’s so good to hear you loosen up a bit and speak your mind – and give it to Drue when he deserves it. Yeah! I’ve really loved your shows heaps, the intro music is awesome, and the “ladles and jellyspoons” thing cracked me up so much the first time I was sitting on the train and heard it. Hope things work out with your job okay, Ben. I’m sure someone out there could do with a talented death-metal DJ who knows his way around a pair of scissors. Gotta catch up soon. Love yas… BJ

  2. Erk


    I’m surprised you blokes didn’t hear me laughing all the way down the M4 on my way to Blue Depot this morning. I look forward to listening every day. There was just so many LOL segments!

  3. Gr8 erpisode guys very funny was laughing out loud at work and people were looking at me funny because there was a serious documentary on TV which they thought I was laughing at.

    Hows the chopping board going and what is the cheese your a mentioning all the time?

    Drue talk about the pot calling kettle black your and alcohol lover just the same!!

    Another song that is annoying is the 99 Bottles of beer song

    Cheers Squeak

  4. Serious LOLZ at Ben’s new bell.

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