Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch 10. Show Notes

Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch 10

This despatch is the first of a series of despatches dedicated to my family members who served in The First World War and to those who made The Supreme Sacrifice.

Thanks As Always To:

Agent Orange Family

Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Family

Shawno & Jen (get well soon guys!)

Richard Jefferies (keep on ranting!)

Very Special Thanks To:

Philippa Ballantine (my fav Kiwi)

Yours in Orange,

Orange Tim


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One response to “Despatches from Agent Orange – Despatch 10. Show Notes

  1. BJ

    Hey Agent Orange

    BJ the Research Guy here. Your shows are great – I always knew you’d be great at putting out your own show and you haven’t disappointed. The interviews have been fantastic – I loved the interview with Richard about the electric car, and your story about visiting the American Consulate in the city. Sorry for not going back and commenting on all the individual posts, but I’ve been doing a lot of catching up today – I think I listened to the ErkPod affiliated NaPodPoMo’s for about 6 hours without a break today just to catch up, and I’m glad I did. Your shows have been very educational, and I think you have an excellent voice for broadcasting (although the voice-off between yourself and LTVOG is too close to call IMO).

    Thanks for all your time and effort, I’ve really appreciated listening to your shows.

    BJ the Research Guy

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