Days 10 & 11, NaPodPoMo

Day 11

November 11 was day 11 of NaPodPoMo and Rememberance Day here in Australia. In fact, we heard The Last Post played on Da Novemba Advencha, A Podcast for November and Echo Romeo Kilo One One.

Over at the Erk Pod Studio, Drue and Ben ranted about people not respecting Rememberance Day, Ben got a spray tan and Drue (went to the dark side?) and brought himself an iPhone. Meanwhile over at Erk Pod HQ, Erk spoke to Grizzly and Random Drunk Guy at a bar. Meanwhile Squeak did a short show about Rememberance Day.

Meanwhile Orange Tim took us to work and made us climb the stairs to the 7th floor and his unit. The episode wasn’t what he intended for Rememberance Day but it was an entertaining and interesting and educational show. As of Day 11, Tim has been back at work for a couple of days and isn’t finding the process easy to podcast every day while working.

Erk also announced his plans for Echo beyond NaPodPoMo.

Day 10

Da Novemba Advencha had Erk laughing all the way down the M4 Motorway. Sausages! Hallways! Best DNA ever? You decide! Meanwhile, Squeak has found himself a new voiceover guy and a voiceover gal as he fights the fight among his team. Orange Tim took us back in time on a personal look of part of his family’s military history while Erk the Peanut (who forgot to add his theme music!) took us to Chicago for an extended chat with our mate Richard from the Wasting Time podcast.

On behalf of the entire Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team/Family, I’d like to thank our listeners for their support and feedback. We know that you probably are getting behind in your listening (I know I am!) but you will enjoy listening to them when you get time. And to the other members of the EPPCT/F, you guys are all doing a great job. We are all in double figures now and all the the shows are very good. Keep up the good work for the rest of Nannapoopoo!


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