Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 12. Show Notes

Echo Romeo Kilo One One – 37 minutes

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Welcome to episode 12 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One recorded live on location at Penrith railway station and Westiefield. In this episode:

  • Live on location from Penrith station. This segment is my train talk out of the way sorted!
  • Overview of the station and my attachment to it. This is part one about the station with part 2 to follow tomorrow.
  • Today’s Guest could have been Squeak who called me during recording but he has been on Echo already and my aim is to speak to a different person each day.
  • Today’s Guest could have been Nathan but he didn’t answer his phone.
  • Today’s Guest ended up being Big Jay who Erk called. Big Jay and Erk have known each other for years and Jay appeared on a recent Erk Pod Round Table
  • Jay describes his day (I’m a poet and I’ll be here all week! I recommend the T-bone & chips!) as a truck driver
  • Feedback from Tiggr who appeared on Erk Pod Round Table 10. She was following Erk’s train trip on Echo 9 on Google Maps which was rather cool.
  • Feedback from BJ the Research Guy who has been catching up on Nannapoopoo shows and gave comments to Erk yesterday. [Harry Potter Erkling link]
  • More feedback to follow tomorrow.
  • Erk returns to Westiefield but not before getting another phone call
  • Update about Stephen’s NaPodPoMo book featuring Erk & Drue. Drue lives on beyond Chapter 2!
  • Lans from My Novel Approach is doing both NaPodPoMo and NaNoWriMo and is writing a book based on a radio station in Chicago. Shawno from (Hyper Nonsense and Shawnogram) has a character based on him and it is a hoot. Thanks to Lans who allowed me to play a snippet describing Shawno’s character and also an extract from the book.

Above – Looking across the tracks from platform 2 over to platform 3.

Above – Trains alongside platform 1 (foreground) and platform 3 (background)

Above – Passengers head towards the exit after leaving a Blue Mountains bound train alongside platform 3.


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One response to “Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 12. Show Notes

  1. Glad you got a kick out of Lans’s character based on me. I did, too. Good show, Erk. You’ve got a lot of courage to do mobile recording like that. When I’m out with my portable recorder, I’m always trying to hide the fact that I’m recording.

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