A Podcast For November (AP4N) – episode 15. Show Notes.

A Podcast for November – episode 15. 13 minutes

Episode 15 Of AP4N has had the big boss of Erk Pod intervening.

Promo – Mr Westinghose (Pat)

News introduction DRAMAS!!!!!!

The Wacky News stories today are

  • The news introduction guy is in trouble!!!
  • We play a recording that was accidently recorded without Erk knowing by a microphone that was accidently left on at Erk Pod HQ. So Erk don’t get angry it had to be played

Today’s Story/Rant-

We play 2 recordings that were provided by Orange Tim the Professional Podcast Guest from Dispatches of Agent Orange

Also a special announcement!!

Who am I Trivia –

Episode 14 answer – Bono!

Episode 15
Who am I?
Born in 1953, I am considered to be one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood
I Played myself in a movie that featured Cameron Diaz entering my brain.

Email – podcastfornovember@gmail.com
Twitter – @squeakaz


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One response to “A Podcast For November (AP4N) – episode 15. Show Notes.

  1. Erk totally pwn3d the old News Intro Guy. So long, dude.

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