A Podcast for November (AP4N) – episode 16. Show Notes

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A Podcast for November – episode 16. 28 minutes

Episode 16 Of AP4N – Interview with Erk – Longest Episode Ever!

Old intro guy sacked. We welcome new intro guy Grizzly from Grizzly’s Growls podcast

The Wacky News stories today are

  • Plunge woman’s great escape
  • Hubby’s coffin murders widow
  • Gangster eats his way out of jail

Today’s Story/Rant-

Interview with Erk. Some of the Questions I asked Erk were:

  • What do you do in every day life?
  • How long you been in the RFS For
  • What brigade and district are you from
  • What do you enjoy the most about the RFS
  • What sort of training is required to be a firefighter with the RFS

Who am I Trivia –

Episode 15 answer – John Malkovich!

Email – podcastfornovember@gmail.com
Twitter – @squeakaz

Above – Erk in RFS mode on a training course with a helicopter in the background.


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