Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 19. Show Notes

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Echo Romeo Kilo One One – 71 minutes

Welcome to episode 19 of Echo Romeo Kilo One One. In today’s episode for NaPodPoMo aka Nannapoopoo:

  • Erk wakes a train up
  • 24 Hour Podcast postponed
  • Erk Pod Richard promo X 2 and Drue promo X 1
  • Erk’s happy about no more Super Duper Early Mornings after today
  • Feedback from Squeak regarding when he listened to Echo 16. He heard it on the 18th.
  • Voicemail from Jim who got his dates mixed up
  • On the job special part 3 (final) as Erk finishes his shift. Come along with Erk for a behind the scenes audio tour of being a train driver. If you want to read more, check out this interview on the Rambling Thoughts website that Erk gave about train driving as a career.
  • An unusual interview for today after Erk bumps into BJ the Research Guy at Campbelltown. A Driver Trainer and Trainee Driver took the train over so Erk wandered to the middle and had a chat to the Polly the Guard. We chatted about Rugby League, karaoke, radio and more. Erk does a running commentary and the train talks, too!

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