NaPodPoMo – summary day 15 to day 19

Over the last few days, the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team have crested the summit of the mountain of NaPodPoMo aka Nannapoopoo and are on the downhill run to the finish line and the podium. All of the crew (with the possible exception of Erk) are looking forward and counting down.

In summary, Squeak has had some HR issues with his announcer guy and had some laptop FAIL again. But the news has still been weird and wacky. Erk joined Squeak on episode 15 to boot the announcer and on episode 16 to talk about his time in the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Ben & Drue have alternated between red hot and having a computer doing the work for them. Ben still wants to haunt people who don’t send comments. The studio has been re-arranged. Drue and Ben received a care package of Aussie music from an Englishman – how does that work? :P

Meanwhile in the deep bunker housing Orange Tim, Orange Tim tells us why he is called Orange Tim. He has a Voice Over Chick and dipped into his vault of Emergency Services recordings. He has been finding it tougher to podcast daily seeing as though he is no longer on holidays.

Moving from road to rail, Erk took listeners to work. He has been doing a mixture of recordings from locations and also at the Erk Pod HQ. He appeared on another NaPodPoMo podcast and provided another podcast with their episode for the week in what has been a massive week of Echo by Erk.


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