Erk Pod 157 – episode 157. “A Man walks into a bar…..”

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Erk Pod episode 157 – 90 minutes. Insert language warning from Erk (WTF?) *here*

Welcome to this rather unusual episode of Erk Pod smack bang in the middle of NaPodPoMo.

  • We open Erk Pod in a bar with Grizzly from the Grizzly Growls podcast. Much karaoke singing to be had!
  • Hot sounding American girl doesn’t think that we exist
  • It’s dark in the bar
  • Erk hasn’t had a lot of driving practice lately.
  • Make it stop! Erk and Drue discuss NaPodPoMo
  • Time for the real theme after 17 minutes!
  • Natalie got to meet PM Kevin Rudd after the storms in Bris Vegas. Erk thought that wasn’t hard for him to manage apart from the fact that he had to fly into the country
  • Drue got a iPhone!
  • Round Table XI preview
  • New look studio
  • Erk is no longer on Super Duper Mornings! Yay!
  • MUSIC: November by Red Yak. This song contains the theme music for Erk’s NaPodPoMo show “Echo Romeo Kilo One One. The song of courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.
  • Erk played Erk’s mum episode 156 recently. She did enjoy it, Erk is pleased to report.
  • Richard from the Wasting Time podcast had some health issues lately that we mentioned on our daily shows. We are pleased to report that Richard is now at home and recovering.
  • Drue doesn’t want an introduction for the news
  • Man speeds past Police on a motorcycle doing 244kph/151mph in a 90kph/55mph zone.
  • P Plate driver speeds past police doing 198kph when his maximum speed on his licence is 100kph.
  • Status updates on the motorcycle guy that Drue tried to find on Facebook
  • Erk is up to 89% of his interweb data limit for the month and goes on a bit (a bit?) of a rant!
  • How Erk got banned from his ISP once
  • Being behind on Nannapoopoo
  • Shawno’s new slogan for Erk Pod for November
  • MUSIC: Fire & Sea by Kalliopi courtesy of Ariel Publicity
  • We cross back to Grizzly in his bar

Sources: ABC News, the Herald



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5 responses to “Erk Pod 157 – episode 157. “A Man walks into a bar…..”

  1. The song grizz was singing was from Neil Diamond. Can’t remember the title though. The internet usage would be ok if US ISP would give a counter. Thats the issue, they tell us to figure it out and they know how much we use. I use about 250 gig a month, but don’t down load movies.
    And yes the rants were great. Excellent episode!

  2. Druey

    We forgot to mention in the podcast that while Erk has roughly 12 or so GB a month and I have 150GB, his UPLOADS are also counted as part of that usage limit, whereas mine aren’t!

  3. I just came to comment that it was a Neil Diamond song but Richard already has. Also there is an iPod application to tell what song it is, I thought it was actually a stock application on the phone but I must be wrong.

  4. Orange Tim

    The song in question is I am… I said by Neil Diamond. :)

  5. Great show, guys. And Richard is right. My ISP gives me no indication as to how much data I’ve moved in the course of a month. If data caps ever do come in to place, hopefully they will provide us with some kind of way to know how much of our data allotments we’ve used.

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