A Podcast for November (AP4N) – episode 28. Show Notes

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A Podcast for November – episode 28

Episode 28 Of AP4N – A Thankyou Promo episode

The Wacky News stories today are 

  • Stone’s throw to home
  • Up and ATM, but down he went
  • Fart students arresting act
  • Birthday takes Gran back in time

On Today’s Episode:

We say thank you to everyone for listening to AP4N by playing the promos of the podcasts them some of them produce and those who don’t we shout out to. The Promos played are:

Erkpod – http://www.erkpod.com.au
Inside My head  – http://jen.phantompower.org
Hypernonsense – http://www.hypernonsense.com
Richard From  the Wasting Time Podcast – http://www.wastingtimepodcast.com
Tea and Chat – http://www.teaandchat.com
Grizzly’s Growls – http://www.grizzlysgrowls.com
Chasing the Bard – http://www.chasingthebard.com
Ourobouros Podcast – http://www.ourobouros.co.uk
Made in the UK – http://www.madeintheuk.co.uk
ErkPod Commando Team –
Echo Romeo Kilo One One – http://www.echoromeokilooneone.com
Despatches from Agent Orange
Da Novemba Advencha!
A Podcast For November

Other Podcasts without Promos

Shawnogram – http://www.shawnogram.com
Whispers at the edge – http://www.whispersattheedge.com
Podcasting for Dummies with Tee Morris – http://www.teemoris.com

Shout outs to everyone, a BIG SORRY if I forgot anyone. Thankyou to all for listening!!!

BIG Thanks to Erk!!!!

Who am I Trivia –

Episode 27 Final answer – Angelina Jolie

ERKPOD ROUND TABLE XI 30th November 2008 12pm AUS EDST

Email – podcastfornovember@gmail.com
Twitter – @squeakaz


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One response to “A Podcast for November (AP4N) – episode 28. Show Notes

  1. Nice promo show, Squeak.

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