My new iPod

Yesterday I went out and brought myself a new iPod. My original iPod is the blue Nano (4Gb) on the left of the photo. My new iPod is the gold Nano (16Gb) on the right. You’ll see that the new Nano has a larger screen but otherwise looks like the old one. The new Nano is actually skinnier than my old one.


So why did I get a new iPod?


Firstly, the old iPod is working fine. Over the last few weeks, my mum has become interested in listening to Erk Pod. I’d previously burnt her a CD to listen to an episode as a test and yes, she did enjoy it. She doesn’t have or use a computer. The other day, she was asking me about MP3 players that she’d read about in the local newspaper and asked me if I could load it full of Erk Pod. Then I thought I could go one better and get a new iPod for myself and gave her my old one.


I was originally going to get an iPod Classic but after talking to Drue, I thought that I would get a 16Gb Nano. I’m used to the Nano and how it works. I am mostly mobile and listening to audio podcasts or music. I don’t watch many video podcasts but now I can. I don’t need or use the various applications that you could get with an iPod Touch.


Several people on Twitter asked me if I was going to get an iPod Touch. For several reasons, I decided not to. Firstly, I could not justify the extra expense. For a 16Gb Touch, the Apple store tells me that it is $419. For the 16Gb Nano, the price is $279. That’s a big difference. I might as well get an iPhone for $0 under contract like Drue did but the iPhone doesn’t appeal to me either. Apart from that, I like the Nano and am used to it. I just want to pick up the iPod and use it. 


While I haven’t had the new iPod for long, I must say that I do like it. It is more visual than the older model I have now. I haven’t played around with the music yet or the Genius functions of the iPod or iTunes but overall first impressions are good.


And how did my mum go with “her new iPod”? After a quick lesson, she’s going pretty well with it and has been enjoying listening to Erk Pod on it.



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3 responses to “My new iPod

  1. BJ

    It all starts with the iPod, then you’ll want a Macbook, and then you’ll be getting an iMac, and then an iPhone, and then an Apple TV, and then… :-) yes.. i’ve been there. Think of your gold iPod as a gold Logi – you’ve earned it in a podcasting sense. Well done, and hope your mum enjoys too.

  2. BJ

    Actually you’d love the latest Simpsons episode released in the US last week. Lisa gets a “mePod” and thinks its really cool – until she gets a bill from Mapple for all the songs she put on it… she goes groveling to Steve Mobs, who makes her work off her debt by putting her into a mePod suit (yes – Lisa inside a mePod suit) handing out brochures on a street corner.

  3. Hey Erk!

    Congrats on your new gadget. I love gadgets.

    Just wanted to say I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you about podcasts and round tables – I have had a metric crapload of stuff piled on me in recent months, and it’s just stepped up a notch in the last month or so, and I’m being woefully neglectful.

    I hope your podcast month went well – hopefully I’ll get some time soon to do another chat with you all!!!

    Cheers, Natalie.

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