Erk Pod 162 “Some tea and a chat”. Show Notes

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Erk Pod episode 162 – 50 minutes

Welcome to episode 162 of Erk Pod which is also episode 31 of Tea & Chat.


You may remember back to mid November where I interviewed Tea & Chat host Stephen as a part of NaPodPoMo/Nannapoopoo on Echo Romeo Kilo One One (episode 16) 


On that occasion after the interview, Stephen tells Erk that he had some massive software FAIL so Erk volunteered Echo 16 to be that week’s episode of Tea & Chat. Not quite one month later, Stephen returns the favour and turns the tables on Erk and interviews him about Erk Pod.  We look back to the origins of Erk Pod and we also look forward to the future.


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One response to “Erk Pod 162 “Some tea and a chat”. Show Notes

  1. You mean you have no major commercial aspirations, Erk? And you call yourself a podcaster! I’d like to see a cool GoDaddy/Erk Pod promotion. Potential discount codes could include:


    That’d rule.

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