Round Table XII update

SATURDAY 20 DECEMBER 2008, 12pm Sydney time

On Erk Pod Round Table 12, we celebrate a year’s worth of Round Tables, 12 months of Drue being the co-host of Erk Pod, Xmas, New Year and who knows what else! This promises to be the biggest Round Table yet!


Preparations are continuing for the Round Table. If you would like to add yourself to the list of panelists via Skype, contact Erk or Drue. Note that the start of Round Tables are usually very congested but if you would like to appear later, you can. Don’t forget, come as long as you want and stay as long as you want. 


However if you don’t want to be on the panel, that’s fine! There will be (at least) live audio streaming and (possibly) video streaming in addition to the podcast episodes that will be released next week.


Start times are as follows:

Times are:

Sydney/Melbourne: 12 nooon Saturday 20th
Adelaide: 11.30am Saturday 20th
Brisbane: 11am Saturday 20th
Perth: 10am Saturday 20th
New Zealand: 2pm Saturday 20th
UK: 1am Saturday 20th
West Coast US: 5pm Friday 19th
Central US: 7pm Friday 19th
East Coast US: 8pm Friday 19th


The list of panelists include but are not limited to (subject to change):

In the Erk Pod studio will be (some TBC):

Joining in via Skype at various stages may be (some TBC):


All music on this Round Table is courtesy of Ariel Publicity and comes from the following track list:

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