Round Table 12 Update/Review

Round Table 12 was recorded on Saturday afternoon in the Erk Pod Studio and via Skype. We had a wide range of people involved including 3 people making their first visit to the Erk Pod Studio, 2 guys called Mike making their Erk Pod debuts and a few of our regular panelists.


All in all, it was an enjoyable Round Table and a great way to see the year out. We had a mixture of serious topics, some funny one liners, some music, some wacky stories and a lot more!


This will be the last Round Table and Erk Pod episodes for the year although Erk plans to record and release some Echo Romeo Kilo episodes over the Xmas/New Year break.


Unfortunately we had audio recording FAIL. Thankfully (again!), Richard records everything at his end anyway so we can use that. Interestingly, we will be able to hear the Skype conversations that were going on during the music. While we mute the studio mics and also Skype from the mixer so we can talk and not worry about being recorded and talking over the music, people on Skype can still talk to and hear each hour. Drue was on Skype for a while himself and tells me that some of the Skype conversations were quite funny so we’ll get to hear them because Richard’s recording recorded whatever was going over Skype. In case you DO want to hear the music without people talking over it, each episode of the Round Table will feature the song/s played on the episode in full and un-interupted.


I am hopeful that I can start editing and uploading parts of the Round Table after work on Xmas Eve. It is our longest Round Table ever at 6 hours in duration. When I add the songs at the end of each episode, the total duration will be around 6 & a half hours in duration.


When the Round Table is being edited and uploaded, the (work in progress) Show Notes will appear on the Round Table 12 – December 2008 page. Click the link at the top of the page. 


I’d like to thank all of our panelists for their assistance, patience and good humour this year. We have enjoyed it a lot and have enjoyed speaking with you. A special big thank you to Nathan, Shawno, Richard, Ben & Drue for all of their assistance in various ways since Round Table 1. I listened back to Round Table 1 last week and it is amazing how far we have come since then!

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