Busy weekend of podcasting for Erk – Some Guys In A Car, 24 Hr Podcast

Last weekend was a busy weekend of podcasting for Erk. On Saturday there was Erk Pod Round Table 12 and after party. Then on Sunday, Steve from Some Guys In a Car was looking for guests to appear on Skype so I called in from my train. You can hear me for about the first 20 minutes of Some Guys In A Car episode 32. Audio is from the Some Guys in a Car website.

[Right click to download episode from Some Guys In A Car]

Some Guys In A Car episode 32 – 1 hr 47 minutes. Listener discretion is advised.

Then a little later into my day at work after my meal break, I made a cameo appearance again from my train on the 24 Hour Podcast hosted by Todd Cochrane. Todd started podcasting at 3am Sunday my time and continued all the way through to 3am Monday. I wasn’t in the Erk Pod studio so I made do. The audio isn’t available yet but I was on during the tail end of hour 15 with Rico & Nico from Arizona.

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