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Erk Update

Here’s a bit of an Erk update if you aren’t following me on Twitter or reading Crackbook, that is! 


Today I was going to record episode 170 of Erk Pod with Drue but haven’t been feeling well over the last couple of days. Maybe it is the longish heat stretch, maybe it was the many days I worked in a row (admittedly not as many as Drue!) or maybe I just feel like crap for no reason, who knows! So I didn’t feel it was right to record an episode today.


However since episode 169 of Erk Pod, I have released 2 episodes of Erk FM which is my new music podcast. Today I have been doing show prep for episode 3 that will be released at the end of next week and it features a great song list from some talented female performers. I’ve also been reviewing artists for episode 4 and beyond.


Also during the last couple of weeks, things have been coming together for my US trip in April/May. The plane tickets have been purchased, my passport has arrived, I have applied successfully to enter under the Visa Waiver Program and I have a place to stay in LA for the 3 days after my arrival. Next I have to work on travel insurance and a hire car.


And I’ve been continuing with my Twitter 365 photo series. It’s an interesting series to see how creative some people have been about their photos.


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Erk Pod 169 – “Launches, Soap Boxes, Rats and Listeners”. Show Notes

[Right click to download episode]

Erk Pod 169 – 70 minutes

Welcome to episode 169 of Erk Pod. In this episode:

  • Introduction
  • Launch of Erk’s new podcast project: Erk FM
  • Drue’s going to be working at Location A, Location B and Location C etc soon
  • Launch of the new home for Da Novemba Advencha
  • Mobile phones and retail workers. Erk was going to mention this last week but forgot
  • Girl gets needle stuck in neck
  • Drue comments on the new Doctor that was recently announced. 
  • Erk tries to find more info about a story he saw on A Current Affair recently
  • Store smells like dead rat and staff wear surgical masks.
  • Wedding couple (who didn’t have surgical masks) has a wedding night from hell 
  • It’s a year since _______ _____________
  • Family sues rail operator after death
  • Woman gets an MRI scan at a zoo.
  • Drue’s x-ray count
  • Helicopters
  • Erk’s Passport FAIL
  • Man forced to drink his own urine at airport
  • Listener feedback from episode 168. Thanks to David, BJ the Research Guy, Shawno & Natalie.
  • Religion in schools in Australia
  • Australian money. Does Drue remember $1 notes?
  • School zone update in other Australian states
  • Shawno likes Erk Pod Classic (as he calls this type of show) and Natalie wants to Skype us again when she gets a chance.
  • Voicemail from BJ the Research Guy
  • Good night, interweb!




News from News Limited, WBBM Chicago and more


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Welcome to Erk FM!


Welcome to Erk’s latest podcast – ERK FM! It reminds me of my time in Community (think public, Americans) Radio where I had some music and I played it for the enjoyment of others. I didn’t have a lot of music of my own at the time in the early 1990’s when I was on the radio. I had some cassettes and LP’s of my own, used some of my co-host’s CD’s (I didn’t have CD’s then) or whatever was lying around the station. Now in 2008/2009, I have access to a lot of music but due to my employment outside the industry, I can’t commit to radio. But thanks to podcasting, I can commit to that and entertain you when I’m not working!


Erk FM is a selection of podsafe music presented as a weekly audio podcast for your enjoyment. To begin with, all music will either be from Erk FM’s prefered sources of podsafe music – Podsafe Music Network or Ariel Publicity. I also listen to many podcasts and I might hear a song on another podcast that I like so I’ll play those songs as well.


Erk FM will be produced weekly to arrive on your computer, iPod or other MP3 player at the end of your work week (Fridays in Australia). Each episode will feature a list of songs and artists with links to the artist’s website as well as to the source of the music. You will also be able to play each episode from the website.


So what sort of music will you hear on Erk FM? I enjoy a wide range of music so you will hear a wide range of music here on Erk FM. I might even discover some music that I didn’t know was out there that I like as well! 


Erk FM will complement but not replace either or my current podcasts Erk Pod or Echo Romeo Kilo One One. This show is dedicated to music and will hopefully include interviews with artists over time. From time to time, music may be also played on Erk Pod.


If you are in a band or have an agency and would like me to play your music, send me an email to and you’ll be able to hear it on a future episode!


Visit the Erk FM website and look out for episode 1 coming down the pipe into your ears on Friday 16 January! The episode has been produced and it will feature some familiar sounding tunes!

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How to find podcasts! (work in progress)

When I was listening to a podcast this morning, I thought I’d look at my iTunes list of podcasts and to look back at the podcasts I listen to and how I found them. I thought of doing a “Friend Wheel” like on Facebook but that would take too long. So here’s the list in text!


As you will see, cross promotion and listening to other people’s podcasts is a great way to find podcasts. If you are willing to spend a bit of time surfing through the 800 pound Gorilla that is iTunes, you will find some gems there too if you are prepared to take a chance and listen.


Another great way is to listen to various podcasts that the same podcaster does or is involved in. Social Media (Twitter in particular) is good in this regard as well. People you interact with may also tell you what they are listening to.


Reviews and links coming soon!


So here is my list! The ones in bold are Podiobooks that I will be listening to on my US trip (with the exception of Billi that I have finished).


  • And Time! – Natalie

“And Time” is a podcast produced in Brisbane by ImproMafia. It is aimed at people in the impro scene, mainly in Brisbane. 


  • Andy Not Andrew – NaPodPoMo


  • Answer Me This – Tom from Podwatch, Vote Me Up etc (cooooeeee, Tom!)

Answer Me This is hosted by Helen and Olly in the UK. Many people ask them questions, some serious, some not. And the answers are sometimes serious, sometimes not, sometimes not safe for work! Very funny show!


  • Sine Language – Richard from Wasting Time

Bruce is the host of Sine Language and has been a great help via this podcast in relation to learning about audio. If you are a podcast producer and want to know more about the audio production side of things from someone who has worked in the industry, Sine Language is the podcast for you. If you use Adobe Audition, check out the sister podcast Building the Pod.


  • Beach Walks with Rox – 24 Hour Podcast 


  • Being Healthy for Busy People – Twitter


  • Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword – other podcasts from the same author/podcaster, Tee Morris


  • BLARM – NaPodPoMo


  • Brains Matter – Podcaster Yahoo Group 


  • Chasing the Bard – numerous podcasts


  • Cherie Cast – 24 Hour Podcast


  • Cranky Geeks – TWiT


  • Da Novemba Advencha – Drue (O R L Y!)

Da Novemba Advencha (DaNovAd) started out as a daily podcast by co-host Drue for NaPodPoMo. It’s not work safe but it is a lot of fun as Drue and Ben get around a mic and talk about whatever comes to mind! Now November is over, the show now has a new website and should be recorded fortnightly. And if you don’t listen, Ben will haunt you!


  • Dark Compass – Hyper Nonsense


  • Dark Compass Metal Show – Dark Compass


  • Dawn & Drew – iTunes originally, Shawno encouraged me to re-subscribe


  • Echo & Erk Pod – that’s ME!


  • The Engaging Brand – 24 Hour Podcast


  • Evo at 11 – Twitter


  • The Final Taxi – NaPodPoMo

You’d think this show would be full of taxi driver stories, wouldn’t you? Another podcast I discovered via NaPodPoMo, it is actually a podcast about death. Now that doesn’t sound entertaining but it actually is! On an episode, you’ll hear about a person who has recently died or there has been an anniversary of their death. 



  • Gadgettes – Donut Boy’s recommendation 


  • Geek News Central – iTunes


  • Geek Girls Blog Podcast – Catherine’s podcast


  • Grammar Girl – iTunes


  • The Good Parts – Twitter


  • Great Train Show – Railway Digest


  • Grizzly’s Growls – Hyper Nonsense


  • Hyper Nonsense – Yahoo Podcasters Group


  • I Should Be Writing – Tea and Chat


  • Infected – Various writing podcasts


  • Inside My Head – Hyper Nonsense


  • Ultra Creatives – Tea and Chat


  • Le Show – Shawno’s comment to Erk Pod


  • Kraken’s Quest – another Tee Morris podcast


  • Let’s Get Naughty – iTunes


  • The Long Ride Home – iTunes


  • Made in the UK – Dark Compass


  • The Martime Jury


  • The Media Burnout – Shawno


  • MedicCast – 24 Hour Podcast


  • Millionaire or Bust – Twitter


  • Mitigation Journal – MedicCast


  • Morevi Remastered – another Tee Morris podcast


  • Net at Night – TWiT


  • No Agenda – TWiT


  • Ordinary Average Guy – NaPodPoMo


  • Ourobourous – Hyper Nonsense and NaPodPoMo


  • Playing for Keeps – various writing podcasts


  • The Podcast Sisters – The Engaging Brand


  • Podcasting for Dummies – iTunes


  • Podcast Junky – NaPodPoMo


  • Podwatch – previous podcast from same host


  • Roz Rows the Pacific – TWiT


  • Shawnogram – Shawno (O R L Y?)


  • Shire Talk  – Facebook


  • Silicon Beach Australia – Twitter


  • Some Guys in a Car – Yahoo Podcasters Group/email from host


  • Something Missing – BLARM


  • Spectrum – iTunes


  • Spin the Bottle – BLARM


  • Spoonman – Radio


  • Strange Love Live – NaPodPoMo


  • Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy – Podcasting for Dummies


  • Tea and Chat – Double Trouble Promotion


  • Tech in Twenty – NaPodPoMo


  • Tech Wired Australia -Twitter


  • TWiT – iTunes


  • G’day World – Google


  • Trucker Tom – Geek News Central


  • Truth Seekers – Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword


  • Panel Beaters (V8 Supercars) – iTunes


  • Wasting Time – iTunes


  • Whispers at the Edge – Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy


  • 2broadscast – Hyper Nonsense


  • 7th Son (books 1, 2 & 3) – various writing podcasts 

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Erk Pod 168 – Back In the Saddle. Show Notes

[Right click to download episode]

Erk Pod episode 168 – 68 minutes


Welcome back to Erk Pod for the first episode in 2009. Join Erk and Drue as we catch up after an epic Round Table 12, Xmas and New Year.


In this episode:

  • This episode is the first episode of Erk Pod for 2009.
  • Short Round Table 12 review.
  • Erk and Drue review their Xmas and New Years Eve.
  • Carbon neutral NYE in Sydney? O L R Y?
  • The train service on NYE/NYD was good. O L R Y?
  • Where did Drue almost spend midnight NYE for 2 years in a row?
  • Erk announces his planned OS trip to the US, Canadia and Mexico
  • Erk has a homeless guy story
  • Drue has a flaming car story
  • Did Erk do an insurance job?
  • Drue jail broke his iPhone
  • Erk & Drue are taking part in Twitter 365, a photo a day for a year. [Drue’s Twitter 365] [Erk’s Twitter 365]
  • New speed camera near Erk’s house
  • Speed camera/school zone discussion
  • 84 year old woman gets banned from driving until the year 3000
  • Road safety, street racing discussion
  • What are the powers that be going to do about drivers who break road rules by street racing? Crushing into a cube? Confiscation? Give the car to the cops?
  • Hotel lock out discussion
  • Promo: Grizzly’s Growls
  • Hot days in Sydney
  • Erk couldn’t remember what he was going to talk about. After we finished recording, Erk remembered that it was about people talking on mobile phones in retail
  • Goodnight, interweb!


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Twitter 365

Last year, I attempted Erk Pod Mini, a podcast for every day of 2008. That lasted until May. And as you remember (and Orange Tim probably begs for me never to mention again), the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team did 4 separate shows every day in November 2008 for NaPodPoMo.


Suddenly (as far as I was concerned) on NYE and NYD, I read on Twitter that people were taking part in a Twitter 365 challenge. The challenge was for people on Twitter to take a photo of themselves every day in 2009 and post it to Flickr. Should it be called Twitter 365 or Flickr 365?


As some of  you know, I often take photos of myself sometimes out of sheer boredom so I decided that I would do this challenge. Taking a photo of myself during something different each day would be interesting. That is the main part of the challenge for me. While I aim to upload a pic each day, I am not taking it as a fail if I don’t as long as I take a pic. This will be especially important on my OS trip.


So to give you an example, here are my first three days for Twitter 365. You can see more photos from people in the challenge here and my Twitter 365 Flickr set here.


Above – Thursday January 1. Staff toilets at Blacktown. Very swish compared to what I am used to! This is just before driving my first train of the year.



Above – Friday 2 Janaury. Erk, your train is just about to leave!

At Olympic Park station, dwell time is about 4 minutes. With not many people around, Erk thought he’d get some photos. While taking this photo, the Guard started the procedure of closing the doors!


Above – For Twitter 365 purposes this photo doesn’t count but later on Friday 2 January, Erk went to see Leigh the Voice Over Guy and play his Addams Family pinball machine. Leigh took the photo. C’mon Thing, lend a hand!


Above – Erk unloads cubes of Pepsi from his shopping trolley and into his car. Saturday 03 January.

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Round Table 12 photos

Courtesy of Orange Tim, here are some photos from Round Table 12. You can see more Erk Pod photos on my Erk Pod Flickr set as well as Orange Tim’s “The Erk Pod Studios” Flickr set.


Above – Erk

Above – Pat speaks into the mic!

Above – Luke and Nicole listen on.

Above – Aw, how cute!

Above – Erk, his Canadian Club and Bunny


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