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Last year, I attempted Erk Pod Mini, a podcast for every day of 2008. That lasted until May. And as you remember (and Orange Tim probably begs for me never to mention again), the Erk Pod Podcasting Commando Team did 4 separate shows every day in November 2008 for NaPodPoMo.


Suddenly (as far as I was concerned) on NYE and NYD, I read on Twitter that people were taking part in a Twitter 365 challenge. The challenge was for people on Twitter to take a photo of themselves every day in 2009 and post it to Flickr. Should it be called Twitter 365 or Flickr 365?


As some of  you know, I often take photos of myself sometimes out of sheer boredom so I decided that I would do this challenge. Taking a photo of myself during something different each day would be interesting. That is the main part of the challenge for me. While I aim to upload a pic each day, I am not taking it as a fail if I don’t as long as I take a pic. This will be especially important on my OS trip.


So to give you an example, here are my first three days for Twitter 365. You can see more photos from people in the challenge here and my Twitter 365 Flickr set here.


Above – Thursday January 1. Staff toilets at Blacktown. Very swish compared to what I am used to! This is just before driving my first train of the year.



Above – Friday 2 Janaury. Erk, your train is just about to leave!

At Olympic Park station, dwell time is about 4 minutes. With not many people around, Erk thought he’d get some photos. While taking this photo, the Guard started the procedure of closing the doors!


Above – For Twitter 365 purposes this photo doesn’t count but later on Friday 2 January, Erk went to see Leigh the Voice Over Guy and play his Addams Family pinball machine. Leigh took the photo. C’mon Thing, lend a hand!


Above – Erk unloads cubes of Pepsi from his shopping trolley and into his car. Saturday 03 January.


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