Welcome to Erk FM!


Welcome to Erk’s latest podcast – ERK FM! It reminds me of my time in Community (think public, Americans) Radio where I had some music and I played it for the enjoyment of others. I didn’t have a lot of music of my own at the time in the early 1990’s when I was on the radio. I had some cassettes and LP’s of my own, used some of my co-host’s CD’s (I didn’t have CD’s then) or whatever was lying around the station. Now in 2008/2009, I have access to a lot of music but due to my employment outside the industry, I can’t commit to radio. But thanks to podcasting, I can commit to that and entertain you when I’m not working!


Erk FM is a selection of podsafe music presented as a weekly audio podcast for your enjoyment. To begin with, all music will either be from Erk FM’s prefered sources of podsafe music – Podsafe Music Network or Ariel Publicity. I also listen to many podcasts and I might hear a song on another podcast that I like so I’ll play those songs as well.


Erk FM will be produced weekly to arrive on your computer, iPod or other MP3 player at the end of your work week (Fridays in Australia). Each episode will feature a list of songs and artists with links to the artist’s website as well as to the source of the music. You will also be able to play each episode from the website.


So what sort of music will you hear on Erk FM? I enjoy a wide range of music so you will hear a wide range of music here on Erk FM. I might even discover some music that I didn’t know was out there that I like as well! 


Erk FM will complement but not replace either or my current podcasts Erk Pod or Echo Romeo Kilo One One. This show is dedicated to music and will hopefully include interviews with artists over time. From time to time, music may be also played on Erk Pod.


If you are in a band or have an agency and would like me to play your music, send me an email to erkpod@gmail.com and you’ll be able to hear it on a future episode!


Visit the Erk FM website and look out for episode 1 coming down the pipe into your ears on Friday 16 January! The episode has been produced and it will feature some familiar sounding tunes!


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