Erk Pod 169 – “Launches, Soap Boxes, Rats and Listeners”. Show Notes

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Erk Pod 169 – 70 minutes

Welcome to episode 169 of Erk Pod. In this episode:

  • Introduction
  • Launch of Erk’s new podcast project: Erk FM
  • Drue’s going to be working at Location A, Location B and Location C etc soon
  • Launch of the new home for Da Novemba Advencha
  • Mobile phones and retail workers. Erk was going to mention this last week but forgot
  • Girl gets needle stuck in neck
  • Drue comments on the new Doctor that was recently announced. 
  • Erk tries to find more info about a story he saw on A Current Affair recently
  • Store smells like dead rat and staff wear surgical masks.
  • Wedding couple (who didn’t have surgical masks) has a wedding night from hell 
  • It’s a year since _______ _____________
  • Family sues rail operator after death
  • Woman gets an MRI scan at a zoo.
  • Drue’s x-ray count
  • Helicopters
  • Erk’s Passport FAIL
  • Man forced to drink his own urine at airport
  • Listener feedback from episode 168. Thanks to David, BJ the Research Guy, Shawno & Natalie.
  • Religion in schools in Australia
  • Australian money. Does Drue remember $1 notes?
  • School zone update in other Australian states
  • Shawno likes Erk Pod Classic (as he calls this type of show) and Natalie wants to Skype us again when she gets a chance.
  • Voicemail from BJ the Research Guy
  • Good night, interweb!




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2 responses to “Erk Pod 169 – “Launches, Soap Boxes, Rats and Listeners”. Show Notes

  1. Excellent Classic episode, guys. It dawns on me that technically speaking, the pre-Drue episodes of Erk Pod would technically be the “classic” ones. But I wasn’t listening to Erk Pod back then, so (no offense, Erk!) those don’t count.

    It is true that here in the States all paper money is the same colo(u)r. And we do indeed have one-dollar bills. There are one-dollar coins around, but they’re somewhat uncommon and you can NOT use them in vending machines.

  2. Well, since you asked…

    As a former wage slave in retail hell, I hate, hate, hate! people who come into the store jabbering away on their mobile phones! Annoying as hell! People would come in and ask for something vague, and then would be too wrapped up in their conversation on their mobile phone to bother listening to me asking questions so I could help them. Then they would get angry with me, when I dared to interrupt their phone conversation, to give them the help that they came into the shop and specifically asked for. Annoying! I would have loved to ban all phones from the store, back when I was stuck working there.

    “Bunny Messages Of Doom!” lol!

    Great show, guys. :)

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