Erk Update

Here’s a bit of an Erk update if you aren’t following me on Twitter or reading Crackbook, that is! 


Today I was going to record episode 170 of Erk Pod with Drue but haven’t been feeling well over the last couple of days. Maybe it is the longish heat stretch, maybe it was the many days I worked in a row (admittedly not as many as Drue!) or maybe I just feel like crap for no reason, who knows! So I didn’t feel it was right to record an episode today.


However since episode 169 of Erk Pod, I have released 2 episodes of Erk FM which is my new music podcast. Today I have been doing show prep for episode 3 that will be released at the end of next week and it features a great song list from some talented female performers. I’ve also been reviewing artists for episode 4 and beyond.


Also during the last couple of weeks, things have been coming together for my US trip in April/May. The plane tickets have been purchased, my passport has arrived, I have applied successfully to enter under the Visa Waiver Program and I have a place to stay in LA for the 3 days after my arrival. Next I have to work on travel insurance and a hire car.


And I’ve been continuing with my Twitter 365 photo series. It’s an interesting series to see how creative some people have been about their photos.


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  1. Too bad that you aren’t feeling well, Erk. Send me an e-mail when you’re ready to work out your plans for visiting SLO. Glad to read that you’re getting things in order for the trip.

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