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New Channel Erk Blog

Effective immediately, there is a new Channel Erk blog. It will feature all blog posts from now on that is not specific to Erk Pod. Show Notes from all 4 Channel Erk blogs will feature here. This is in addition to the 4 in 1 Channel Erk portal.


Erk Pod show notes and related blog posts will still feature here on this site.


Click here to go to the Channel Erk blog.

Click here to go to the Channel Erk portal.



For everything Erk, go to!


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Erk Pod 172 – “Caller Caller Caller”

[Right click to download episode]

Erk Pod episode 172 -67 minutes

NOTE – Erk had major uploading FAIL. “Erk Pod 172D (reloaded)” at the start of the file in iTunes is the latest (and hopefully last) uploaded. If you do not have 172D, there will be FAIL! Erk apologies for any inconvenience caused but it was beyond his control.


Welcome to episode 172 of Erk Pod. Drue found the cause of the noise that was bad, especially during Skype calls. So to celebrate, we decide to have our first guests for 2009.


Guest – Grizzly from the Grizzly’s Growls podcast

Guest – Erk Pod regular guest panelist Squeak and host of NaPodPoMo 2008 podcast “A Podcast For November.” Check out Squeak’s Geocaching blog.


  • Erk’s PayPal FAIL
  • Is Squeak going to produce another podcast?
  • “Once you go Mac, you can’t come back!”

Guest – Brent, co-host of Tech Wired Australia

  • Update on the New Zealand and Australian Parliaments and their respective upcoming changes to censorship
  • This Week in Audible
  • Brent gets Erked


Then Erk and Drue talk about:

  • What people complain about (and try to get away with) while in apartments/units
  • Erk having a horse in his backyard
  • Another bell!
  • Bunny muted because we had visitors
  • Feedback from Shawno and Jen (Hyper Nonsense, Shawnogram, Inside My Head) about episode 171
  • Erk tries Spanish
  • Challenge for Jen
  • Goodnight, interweb!


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Erk Pod episode 171 – “Getting Serious About Fires & Hashtags”

[Erk Pod episode 171 – right click to download]

Erk Pod episode 171 – 66 minutes

Welcome to episode 171 of Erk Pod with Erk & Drue. In this episode:


  • Erk gets some exercise
  • It’s a lot cooler this week compared to last week
  • Victorian fires updates, social media discussion and rant
  • #hashtag discussion
  • Erk’s Victoria Fires update
  • New podcast – Erk’s Blast from the Past with Erk & Erk’s mum
  • New way of finding and subscribing to all of Erk’s podcasts – Channel Erk
  • When is Erk not going to have to problems with saying Danovad?
  • Man calls 911 because he could not get lemonade at Burger King. Read the actual police report and listen to the 911 call here
  • Milkman gets caught selling dope to his customers
  • Yes Bunny, Erk DID turn you off!
  • Man plays a high pressure prank on his workmate
  • Mythbusters tried to breathe oxygen out of their tyres
  • Man watches 24 for 72 hours. Word Record!
  • Bunny gets confused about billions
  • Australian Stimulus update
  • Another fire rant.
  • Australian ISP filtering trial update
  • How can you swap details during a space accident
  • Navy diver gets attacked by shark in Sydney Harbour
  • Man swallows curved sword for the first time and fails
  • Erk learning Spanish?
  • Erk confusing people with Australian pharses
  • Feedback from Jacob, Shawno, Jen & David
  • Round Table update
  • Goodnight interweb


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Victorian Fires Update

Updated 1430, Friday 13 February (Sydney time)

Over the weekend of 7-8 February, major fires have struck the Australian state of Victoria. Social media networks here in Australia such as Facebook and Twitter have been extremely busy with news updates, opinons, views, assistance and more. This is in addition to the traditional media sites.


After talking to various people (mainly in the US), I thought I would post a brief update and tell you where to get further info if you need it. The information coming in via both social and traditional media has been coming in constantly. I’ll leave the constant updates to the media and Drue and I will most likely talk more about it in the next episode of Erk Pod.


For our friends in America and elsewhere outside Australia, the major fires in Victoria is about 1000km (600 miles) to the south of Erk Pod HQ which is located in New South Wales. There are some fires around Sydney as well but nowhere near the devestation in Victoria.


If you need more information, check out the websites of Sky News and the ABC. If you are a Twitter user, follow @SkyNewsAust (Sky News), @774melbourne (ABC Local Radio, Melbourne). These sites have constant updates.


Authorities were asking people NOT to visit the websites of the Victorian Emergency Services unless you are directly affected. Similarly, people were asked NOT to call the Emergency number 000 unless assistance was urgently required.


Many areas have not been accessed yet with entire towns being destroyed. Further information will be obtained once fire crews and investigators access the relevant firegrounds.


As of the time of writing (Friday afternoon, Sydney time) there are:

  • 181 people confirmed deceased
  • Estimated death toll expected to be around 350
  • At least 1850 homes and other buidlings lost
  • At least 330 000 hectares (815 444 acres) of land destroyed.
  • Fire and other Emergency Services from other states and New Zealand assisting
  • Australian Defence Force assisting
  • Temperatures in the state were up to 49C/120F with winds of 120kph/75mph. 
  • There was spotting up to 15km away.

These fires are the worst fires in terms of deaths and destruction in Australian history. For updated numbers and multimedia of the fires, check the websites above.


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Welcome to Channel Erk!

In an exciting move, there is a new way to access all of Erk’s podcasts! You can now visit Channel Erk ( and you can see the latest episodes for all 4 podcasts that Erk produces. You can also subscribe to one or more of the podcasts from the same page, download the latest episodes or indeed subscribe to all 4 podcasts in one feed. You can still access each site at the current addresses as well.


Previously, there were separate subscriptions for each podcast. This will continue and the feeds have not changed if this is the way you prefer to subscribe. But if you want to listen to all of Erk’s content, you can do it on the Channel Erk Combined Feed. On this feed (available here via RSS and coming soon via iTunes), you will get all 4 podcasts on the one feed as they become available.


“Did I read you correctly, Erk? Did you say 4 podcasts?”


That’s right, there are now 4 Erk based podcasts! Joining Erk Pod (talk), Erk FM(music), Echo Romeo Kilo (outdoor/mobile) is a new podcast called “Erk’s Blast From The Past”. Episode 1 for this show will be recorded and released very soon. You can visit the website here and you can either subscribe to the show on its own or it will be part of the Channel Erk Combined Feed.


Have you ever heard your parents say “back in my day, ………..”


Indeed, you may be that person who says that they walked 6 miles up hill to school and then after school, they walked 6 miles up hill to walk home. In this new podcast (Erk Blast for short), Erk is joined by his mum and they discuss things “back in my day…….” and compare it to the current day. Even Erk finds himself saying to people like Erk Pod co-host Drue “I remember when ………….”


So come and visit Channel Erk! It will really be a case of “All Erk, all the time ……. and then some!”

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Erk Pod 170 – “Studio Audiences, Forgein Objects & More”

[Right click to download episode]

Erk Pod episode 170 – 55 minutes


Welcome to Erk Pod episode 170. In this episode:


  • We have a studio audience!
  • No BJ, we have not podfaded!
  • Where have we been?
  • Two new episodes of Drue and Ben’s podcast Danovad
  • Free coin from Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd?
  • Don’t forget to go back to school on the wrong week, kiddies!
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Calling for an Ambulance in London
  • Nee Naw – Observations from Nee Naw Control
  • Police now targetting man (often) who strips (often) while dressed a cop (often)
  • Man gets tap stuck in eye and man has a 17cm kidney stone [story]
  • Crazy x-rays
  • Zombie alert in Texas
  • Erk’s speed camera update
  • Anastacia hates her voice. Maybe we should get her to do an audio book
  • New promo idea for Erk Pod
  • Girl gets jail time for doing graffiti
  • Feedback from Pat (Donut Boy), Shawno, Jen, Kaine
  • Twitter 365 update
  • Obama screwed up?
  • Round Table update
  • Goodnight interweb

News sources: Fox, News Limited


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