Welcome to Channel Erk!

In an exciting move, there is a new way to access all of Erk’s podcasts! You can now visit Channel Erk (www.channelerk.com) and you can see the latest episodes for all 4 podcasts that Erk produces. You can also subscribe to one or more of the podcasts from the same page, download the latest episodes or indeed subscribe to all 4 podcasts in one feed. You can still access each site at the current addresses as well.


Previously, there were separate subscriptions for each podcast. This will continue and the feeds have not changed if this is the way you prefer to subscribe. But if you want to listen to all of Erk’s content, you can do it on the Channel Erk Combined Feed. On this feed (available here via RSS and coming soon via iTunes), you will get all 4 podcasts on the one feed as they become available.


“Did I read you correctly, Erk? Did you say 4 podcasts?”


That’s right, there are now 4 Erk based podcasts! Joining Erk Pod (talk), Erk FM(music), Echo Romeo Kilo (outdoor/mobile) is a new podcast called “Erk’s Blast From The Past”. Episode 1 for this show will be recorded and released very soon. You can visit the website here and you can either subscribe to the show on its own or it will be part of the Channel Erk Combined Feed.


Have you ever heard your parents say “back in my day, ………..”


Indeed, you may be that person who says that they walked 6 miles up hill to school and then after school, they walked 6 miles up hill to walk home. In this new podcast (Erk Blast for short), Erk is joined by his mum and they discuss things “back in my day…….” and compare it to the current day. Even Erk finds himself saying to people like Erk Pod co-host Drue “I remember when ………….”


So come and visit Channel Erk! It will really be a case of “All Erk, all the time ……. and then some!”


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