Erk Pod episode 171 – “Getting Serious About Fires & Hashtags”

[Erk Pod episode 171 – right click to download]

Erk Pod episode 171 – 66 minutes

Welcome to episode 171 of Erk Pod with Erk & Drue. In this episode:


  • Erk gets some exercise
  • It’s a lot cooler this week compared to last week
  • Victorian fires updates, social media discussion and rant
  • #hashtag discussion
  • Erk’s Victoria Fires update
  • New podcast – Erk’s Blast from the Past with Erk & Erk’s mum
  • New way of finding and subscribing to all of Erk’s podcasts – Channel Erk
  • When is Erk not going to have to problems with saying Danovad?
  • Man calls 911 because he could not get lemonade at Burger King. Read the actual police report and listen to the 911 call here
  • Milkman gets caught selling dope to his customers
  • Yes Bunny, Erk DID turn you off!
  • Man plays a high pressure prank on his workmate
  • Mythbusters tried to breathe oxygen out of their tyres
  • Man watches 24 for 72 hours. Word Record!
  • Bunny gets confused about billions
  • Australian Stimulus update
  • Another fire rant.
  • Australian ISP filtering trial update
  • How can you swap details during a space accident
  • Navy diver gets attacked by shark in Sydney Harbour
  • Man swallows curved sword for the first time and fails
  • Erk learning Spanish?
  • Erk confusing people with Australian pharses
  • Feedback from Jacob, Shawno, Jen & David
  • Round Table update
  • Goodnight interweb


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3 responses to “Erk Pod episode 171 – “Getting Serious About Fires & Hashtags”

  1. Jacob


  2. Good show, guys. You’re right about how Twitter hashtags and reposts can get out of hand. Guess it’s just the nature of the service. Pretty sure there was another story from a few years ago about someone calling 911 over an incorrect fast-food order. Ridiculous.

  3. That story about the guy calling the 911 because he was unhappy with his order at Burger King needs to grow up. I bet he’s one of those people who constantly is threatening to sue people too. I cannot stand people like that!

    Angry bunny complained about being turned off! Hysterical! ;)

    Erk wants to learn Spanish? Here’s a phrase you might find use for on Erk Pod :
    ” El conejito está loco. ” = “The little bunny is crazy.”

    Thanks for reading my comment.
    Great show, guys!

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