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Erk Pod 174 – “Erk’s Going On A Jet Plane Farewell Drinks” – Show Notes

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Erk Pod episode 174 – 85 minutes

Welcome to an episode of Erk Pod recorded upstairs at Kellys on King in Newtown. Kelly’s is an Irish bar frequented by several of the Sydney Twitteratti. Erk is joined by several guests as he has farewell drinks before leaving for the US.


Guest: Pete The Workie

Pete hasn’t been on Erk Pod for a while but we have a chat before he goes home for the night. Some people have to work in the morning, Erk! We talk about the false end of daylight saving, Erk on Border Security and more.


Pete’s Travel Tip: Check the Zoom H4 recorder in the checked luggage. Someone may think it is a taser.
You can’t read Pete’s blog or follow him on Twitter because he doesn’t have either.


Guest: Stilgherrian from Stilgherrian Live


Next guest is Stilgherrian who like the rest of the guests is making a debut apperance on Erk Pod. We discuss having only one name, his show Stilgherrian Live, the Cnut of the Week, The Great Wall of Rudd (Australian interweb flitering), needing an exit strategy.


Stil’s US travel tip: A red Corvette, bourbon, cocaine and a Bible


Follow Stilgherrian on Twitter (@stilgherrian) or check out video and more at his website here.


Guest: Pat (Donut Boy)

Donut Boy makes a return to Erk Pod after his last appearance on Round Table 12 last year. He shares a Jetstar story about an upcoming trip to Japan, Japanese plans,  why Donut Boy likes my mum saying boobs, not blogging and not Twittering.


Donut Boy’s Travel Tip – Watch out for the fingerprints and retina scans.


Follow Donut Boy on Twitter (@limburger2001)


Guest: Ben, host of  the Tech Wired Australia podcast

We talk about Ben’s podcast (we had his co-host Brent on episode 172), moving to Sydney (?),  getting a job with News Limited reporting on IT, listening to other tech podcasts, Ben’s view of the Great Wall of Rudd, approaching interview subjects, the future of the podcast, mainstream media and podcasting, who should Erk talk to?


Ben’s Travel Tip – interview everyone!


Follow Ben on Twitter (@bengrubb) and check out Tech Wired Australia


Guest: Miss Wired

Reflecting on the first time Erk & Miss Wired met last year, teaching Erk to dance on NYE, remembering NYE, having cameras pointing at you, Canon V Nikon, photographing day to day life in Sydney, being a local, ladies don’t stagger home, changes in the area, staying out late.


Miss Wired’s Travel Tip: Bring Miss Wired back a cowboy (um, that’s a request, not a tip!)


Follow Miss Wired on Twitter (@misswired)


Guest:  Lisa from the Fragrant Elf blog


Lisa writes a blog about perfume and food. Erk asks various perfume and food related questions. After all, Erk is a bloke and doesn’t know a lot about them. This was Lisa’s first time talking on a podcast but she did well, right folks?


Lisa’s Travel Trip: Beware of the food and the larger sizes (or enjoy it!). 


Follow Lisa on Twitter (@VioletLily) or vist The Flagrant Elf website


Guest: Apostrophe Pong (‘Pong)

Why do people call call Pong Pong? What is a good way to get someone to stop talking? Walking around the streets making sure Stilgherrian doesnt get hit by a car while filming. My feet need a rest. Dropping in for a visit. Where’s Dizzy?  Photographing at the Mardi Gras. Erk was in the Mardi Gras once (and gets the year terribly wrong).  Turning up the music – a good tactic to shut someone up? Shooting video. Being a storyteller with photos or videos.


Pong’s travel tip (backed up by Stilgherrian): Don’t use the N word in America.


Follow Pong on Twitter (@ApostrophePong) or check out his various works at Out To Space 


Thanks to everyone who appeared and also to everyone who came to a farewell event over the weekend. 5 days to go until Erk flies out!


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Erk Pod 173 – On The Rails

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Erk Pod episode 173 – 63 minutes


Welcome to Erk flying solo (ok, driving solo) on an episode of Erk Pod.


In this episode:

  • Erk’s on an empty train and flying solo.
  • Erk’s US Trip countdown and preview
  • Channel Erk update
  • New look for all Channel Erk website (thanks Drue for the graphics) and some navigation changes for the Erk Pod site.
  • Birthday special that I recorded for my mum for Blast From The Past
  • Erk’s Credit Card FAIL (again!)
  • New charges for ATM withdrawals
  • Geocaching with Squeak on Echo
  • Erk Pod geocache coming soon! It has been placed and is awaiting appoval from the Geocaching Gods.
  • PROMO: Uber Nemsis part 1 with PG Holyfield, Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine
  • PROMO: Dark Compass Metal Show
  • New Channel Erk Twitter account for podcast updates (@channelerk)
  • How Erk has been getting his news
  • Extended commentary in relation to a breaking news story at Sydney Airport. In this commentary, Erk talks about the incident, how the story broke and changing, Policing and Security commentary
  • Erk has been teaching his mum the interweb and email (and was going to get back to this story but didn’t)
  • PROMO: Uber Nemsis part 2, PG Holyfield & Tee Morris
  • PROMO: The Brink by JC Hutchins
  • Farewell Drinks for Erk before his US trip: Penrith on Saturday 28 March (lunch and dinner) and Newtown on Sunday 29 March (dinner).
  • Goodnight, interweb!

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