Erk Pod 175 – Final Episode Before US Trip

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Erk Pod episode 175 – 50 minutes


Welcome to this episode of Erk Pod – the final episode where Erk and Drue are together in the studio before Erk’s US trip.


On this episode:


  • Clip from Jen teaching us some Spanish
  • Erk’s nearly ready for his US trip. He is now all packed and ready to go on Friday.
  • Lots of episodes to come during the trip (Erk Pod and Echo)
  • Erk’s US Podcast appearances
  • US money is like Monopoly money
  • Erk has been pre-recording episodes of Blast From The Past & Erk FM episodes
  • Drue thanks everyone who stood in for him for episode 174
  • Jen’s view on Erk’s Spanish
  • New @channelerk Twitter account to go with the @erkpod (personal account)
  • iPhone users now have a Skype application. Erk’s had one on his Nokia N95 for years!
  • Shawno’s Ghetto iPhone solution?
  • More “Great Wall of Rudd” discussion (briefly)
  • JetBlue employee gets a free flight
  • Looking at plane delays
  • Looking forward to the trip and getting emotional
  • Daylight savings FAIL
  • Two wheels fall off school bus
  • Woman stalks bikini teacher
  • Placing photos on Myspace & Facebook
  • Getting media stories from Twitter
  • We’re not Hyper Nonsense, damm it!
  • Little Bunnies
  • Various feedback from Shawno & Jen from Hyper Nonsense
  • The Premier of NSW now has a Twitter account @premierofnsw
  • Banning bikies from “high risk” jobs
  • Banning anyone from activities outside of work
  • Travel tips from Shawno & Drue
  • Is Erk going to the Heart Attack Grill
  • More patient work and less paperwork for Orange Tim?
  • It’s nearly Bunny’s 1st birthday
  • We may hit episode 200 of Erk Pod while Erk is away 
  • It’s Erk’s 2 year anniversary of podcasting while he is away, too.
  • Goodnight interweb!


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2 responses to “Erk Pod 175 – Final Episode Before US Trip

  1. Good to hear one more Erk Pod Classic episode before Erk leaves for the U.S.

  2. Just listened to this one now. Thanks for playing my little Spanish translation! That was fun to hear. I just realized that I made a teeny little error when I pronounced the second phrase I recorded. Oh well. It would still make sense to a Spanish speaker.

    “We’re not Hyper Nonsense, dammit!” LOL

    I find everything about the Heart Attack Grill to be completely disturbing. Especially the theme song!

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