Erk Pod 178 – Erk is SLO oops Erk in SLO

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Erk Pod 178 – 83 minutes

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 178. 83 minutes

Join Erk and Shawno (from Hyper Nonsense) as we cruise around the streets of San Luis Obispo. Erk brings you up to date with some aspects of the trip including oil changes, possible Canadia FAIL, definate Navman FAIL and a lot more. Shawno points out some of the sites of time and reveals some of what we’ve been up to.

We thought we’d end the episode by going to Radioshack and then restarted it when we made a purchase there. We are then joined by Jen and we go for a bit more of a cruise, heading to Evos.



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2 responses to “Erk Pod 178 – Erk is SLO oops Erk in SLO

  1. So, that’s what I missed that you two talked about before I got in the car! The “food tour” of SLO. ;)

    The part with “Navmen” trying to pronounce the address you typed in was lol funny! O R L Y! hahaha!

    And I did swear on your podcast, Erk. Sorry! I did say the word “Crap” loud and clear, but, there is another bad word after that one. It’s not as clear, though. Oops!

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