Erk on Strange Love Live this weekend

As I type this, I am sitting opposite Strange Love Live host Cami Kaos preparing for my appearance on Strange Love Live this weekend. I have been listening to SLL since NaPodPoMo (aka Nannapoopoo) in November last year. Cami and Dr Normal made an appearance towards the end of Erk Pod Round Table 11 last year and now I am on their turf in Portland, Orgeon!

Each week, Cami and the Doc produce two separate editions of SLL. There is live video streaming with a chat room. There are video and audio versions of the podcast if you can not watch/listen live.

The show opens with a Tech Edition where Cami speaks with someone involved in tech and/or social media. This is usually their latest project. This show runs for 30 minutes.

After a short break, the lights go down and the mood changes as we head into Strange Love Live After Hours. This is where anything could happen with the guest from the Tech Edition as well as interaction with the studio audience and online viewers/listeners. After Hours can run from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the guest.

So where I fit into all of this? Well, this week, it is my turn to be the guest on the show. The Tech Edition will mostly likely be us taking about Erk Pod and Channel Erk and I think that between Cami, Dr Normal and I, After Hours is going to be a lot of fun, too.

The Tech Edition with Erk commences at 10pm West Coast US time on this Friday which is 3pm East Coast Australia time on Saturday afternoon. This will be followed by After Hours.

The current plan is for the next episode of Erk Pod to be recorded some time before SLL on Friday with me chatting with Cami and Doc about their show. This would be episode 185 of Erk Pod. Hopefully I will be able to include both SLL versions with Erk on the Erk Pod/Channel Erk feeds so that will be Erk Pod 186 (Tech) and Erk Pod 187 (After Hours).


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