Erk Pod 185 – Erk Goes To Beer & Blog. Show Notes

[Download episode – 42 minutes]

Welcome to episode 185 of Erk Pod. On this episode, Erk goes to Beer and Blog in Portland. There were so many people that we could have spoken to but Erk only had limited time.

During the episode, Erk talks to several people including:

We talk about Beer & Blog, the Portland tech scene, Bar Camp Portland, Web Visions, Open Source Bridge, Back Fence PDXWeekly Access, Strange Love Live, women in tech and a lot more in such a short time.

In the next series of episodes on the Erk Pod/Channel Erk feed, Erk is a guest on Strange Love Live (EP 186/187 which are SLL 96/97). Then on EP 188/189, Erk turns the tables and the interviewee becomes the interviewer.



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4 responses to “Erk Pod 185 – Erk Goes To Beer & Blog. Show Notes

  1. Interesting stuff, Erk. Seems like a pretty vibrant community they’ve got going up there.

  2. It was great to have you with us, Erk! Enjoyed your podcast. :) I’ll post a link to it on the main Beer and Blog site too.

  3. Pingback: Beer and Blog makes the cover of The Oregonian at Beer and Blog

  4. You made the Beer and Blog cover story of The Oregonian, Oregon’s largest newspaper!

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