Erk Pod 193 – US Feedback 1

[Download episode – 69 minutes]


Welcome to episode 193 of Erk Pod. This is the feedback episode of Erk Pod based on listener comments over the past 5 weeks or so. Thank you to everyone who has left feedback on either the Erk Pod or Channel Erk websites.


Erk is joined in this episode by Wasting Time podcast host Richard Jeffries for company. There is more discussion about the feedback and other things as well that we didn’t cover on Erk Pod 192/Wasting Time podcast 84.


So where is Erk Pod 192? Because EP192 (which was originally recorded as Wasting Time podcast 84) went for 2 hours and many of my listeners also listen to Richard’s show, I decided not to put it in the Erk Pod/Channel Erk feeds. If you want to download it or listen to it, you can find it on the show notes for Erk Pod 192 on this website.


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One response to “Erk Pod 193 – US Feedback 1

  1. I like feedback shows ’cause I get mentioned a lot. And curly fries are overrated. So are sweet-potato fries. Basic fries are the best. And you know what type of fry you don’t encounter enough? Waffle-cut fries. Those rule. Oh, and broasted potatoes. You hardly ever see those, either.

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